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When do I need a Weight Distributing Hitch?

If your trailer's ball weight is causing the back end of the vehicle to sag, a weight distributing hitch can be used to return the vehicle to its normal height and ensure you have full traction for braking and steering control.

The weight distributing hitch is designed to ensure a return to even distribution of weight across all wheels of the tow vehicle and trailer. This even distribution ensures that positive steering and braking control is maintained.


How can I check my ball weight?

Ball weight refers to the weight on the front end of the trailer not carried over the axles. As a rule, you should aim to have 10 percent of the total trailer weight as ball weight. This can be measured at a weigh bridge by resting the jockey wheel only on the scale.

Alternatively, Hayman Reese distributors have a Ball Weight scale with which you can measure your ball weight by placing it under the coupling and winding the weight off the jockey wheel.


When should a mini hitch be used?

A mini hitch is appropriate for light towing purposes only. It can redistribute ball weights up to 82Kg. Therefore, you should check the ball weight of the trailer or caravan to ensure it is within the mini hitch capacity. The mini hitch fits easily onto the towbar tongue and the spring bars can be adjusted quickly by selecting the appropriate chain link to bring the trailer back to a level height.


How can I stop sway from occurring?

Generally correct weight distribution will contribute to controlling sway because all wheels have full traction on the road. However, sway can still occur from passing trucks, cross winds etc. If a weight distributing hitch has been fitted and you want to ensure sway is minimised a Hayman Reese sway control unit is highly recommended.

A Friction Sway control can be used for ball weights from zero Kg upwards. A Dual Cam Sway control can be used for ball weights from 160 Kg upwards. You should check with your local Hayman Reese distributor to determine the appropriate unit to suit your needs.


Do I need to alter the suspension in my vehicle for towing?

A trailer has ball weight on the coupling which when connected to the vehicle is held by the suspension over the back axle. This load is redistributed to all wheels of the vehicle and trailer using a weight distributing hitch to return the vehicle to its normal height.

If a load is being permanently carried in the back of the vehicle (e.g. if gas has been fitted) then it may be appropriate to replace the standard springs with higher rated (carrying capacity) springs. These will not transfer any load away from the axle but will provide better support for the higher load being carried.

It is preferable to transfer the ball weight when towing to ensure that the vehicle's rear axle is not overloaded and to ensure maximum traction of all wheels on the road for optimum braking and steering control.


Can I make it easier to hook up the chains on my weight distributing hitch?

The hook up process is lifting and transferring the ball weight. As this can in many cases be a large weight we recommend that you use the jockey wheel to assist in lifting the weight. Therefore, always wind down the jockey wheel so that the coupling of the trailer is lifted up before you put the spring bars in place and connect the chains. You may also have to hook up a progressively higher chain link to get to the desired link rather than doing it in one step.


What happens if I have a problem with my towing system when on holiday or away from home on a trip?


Hayman Reese has a lifetime warranty covering our towing equipment for as long as you own the vehicle or weight distribution system. If you need assistance, we have a free call number 1800 812017 to call. We have 150 distributors throughout Australia who can assist with solving your problem quickly and efficiently. So wherever you are in Australia Hayman Reese is with you.


Hayman Reese
+61 1800 812 017
49 Pacific Drive, Keysborough, VIC, 3173