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Caravan & Camping 'Staycation' - Tips for the Easter Long Weekend

April 08, 2020

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The Easter long weekend is almost upon us, and school holidays are well and truly in full swing.   


With the COVID-19 restrictions in place, and camping parks and grounds closed, our travel plans have had to be put on hold.   


We need to remember that we’re all facing these unprecedented times together, and there's no better time to get creative and lift our spirits!   


Our Hayman Reese suggestion? This Easter long weekend why not camp in your backyard!  

We’ve put together a list of tips and ideas to get you into the camping from home spirit.  


Get your gear  

The first step to having an authentic camping experience right in your back yard is to get all your gear out.   

This means your clothes, books, drinks, snacks, barbecue food and any other can’t-live-without items you usually pack.  


The long weekend is also a great opportunity to check and do some maintenance on your caravan and camping equipment so that when it’s time to set off outdoors, you’re all ready to go! 


Get your game face on 

Games are a key part of camping. If you're looking for gaming ideas to add to your go-to list, try out these:  

Glow-in-the-Dark Ring Toss – fill up some bottles with water, connect glow in the dark sticks into rings, and away you go!   


Backyard Bingo – DIY bingo cards, put the items on slips of paper and place them in a bowl. Grab coins to cover up the items called out on your card. And, you’re set to play some Backyard Bingo!  


Go for a hike around your neighbourhood 

Exercise is important to keep us healthy and a big part of camping, just make sure to follow Government guidelines and practice social distancing when you go. 


You might not be able to put your backpack on and go for a hike, but you can still get much needed fresh air on a quick walk through your neighbourhood. 


Make an adventure out of your walk with a plant identifier app on your phone. Check out - PictureThis and become an expert botanist.   


Barbecue and Toasted Marshmallows 

There’s nothing quite like putting together a camping meal. With plenty of recipes available online, now’s the perfect time to brush up on camping cooking skills.  


Looking to get fancy with your toasted marshmallows? Why not try gourmet campfire S’mores! There's plenty of recipes available online, whether you’re using your stove, the microwave, oven or grill!  



One of the best things about camping is getting to sit back, relax and enjoy the serenity.  


Grab a blanket and put together a little picnic, set up a hammock and get ready to read, eat, tell stories or just enjoy doing nothing. 


The long weekend is almost here, start planning today so you’re all set for your camping staycation. 


We’d love to see your long weekend ‘staycation’ snapshots. Simply send us a Facebook message or post your photo and tag us with the hashtag #StaycationingHaymanReese and we’ll send you some Hayman Reese branded goodies!


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Hayman Reese
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49 Pacific Drive, Keysborough, VIC, 3173