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Value add with Hayman Reese's new Towbar Program

May 01, 2015

Hayman Reese has lead the innovation of towbars and towing solutions for over 65 years and take great pride in the role their towbars and towing accessories play in the lifestyle’s of millions of Australians.

To continuously provide better user experience and maintain strong confidence and reliability of all their products, Hayman Reese constantly monitor market needs and always endeavour to deliver new developments to assist in a quicker and easier installation. Their renowned SmartClick™ system is a prime example where they are true pioneers in the industry.

In addition to these developments, Hayman Reese have introduced a new Towbar Program to start a new generation of Hayman Reese Towbars. This program completes the towing experience you’re your customers Every towbar purchased through Hayman Reese will now be equipped with an anti-rattle SmartPin™ Hitch Pin, two Rated D-Shackles, and a flat-sided Towball as a standard, making it easier to install and use.



SmartPin Hitch Pin

All new Hayman Reese Towbars with 40mm and 50mm Hitch Receivers will progressively be manufactured with a SmartPin™, an innovative anti-rattle Hitch Pin as standard. This will result in the removal of the anti-rattle bolts that currently screw into some Hitch Receivers.

‘SmartPin™’ is the new anti-rattle solution that utilises two small ‘Keyways’ in the Hitch Receiver that the SmartPin™ slots into. Once the accompanying nut is tightened the SmartPin™ is held in place and prevents rattle of the Hitch Pin and Trailer Ball Mount.

While SmartPin™Towbars are designed to suit a SmartPin™ Hitch Pin, existing Hayman Reese Hitch Pins are still compatible and can be used - the ‘smart’ anti-rattle feature however will not be enabled.


Although SmartPin will be included in the Towbar Program, it will still be available as an aftermarket accessory for existing Hayman Reese Towbars. However, the SmartPin will only work as an anti-rotation and anti-rattle device when used with a SmartPin enabled Hayman Reese Towbar.


Rated D-Shackle

While it is not a legal requirement to use Rated D-Shackles while towing in Australia, Hayman Reese always provide peace of mind and have included two Rated D-Shackles to complement their Towing Program. This will give the public absolute confidence that fitting and using a Hayman Reese Towbar ensures they are will always be safe and secure.

Two 10mm Rated D-Shackles with a one tonne working load limit will now be included as part of this Towbar Program. This will become a key feature of all Hayman Reese Towbars going forwards.



To complete the Towbar Program package, a genuine Hayman Reese flat-sided Towball will

be included with every Hayman Reese Towbar sold.

Ensuring a one stop, easy installation process for you and your customers, your customers now leave fully equipped with everything needed to start towing straight after installation.

These improvements also represent a considerable value-add that continue to justify Hayman Reese at their premium position in the market.





Whilst existing towbar stock may not be SmartPin™ equipped, they still have full MetalShield™ protection.

MetalShield™is a paint protection process that has taken years to develop. Hayman Reese Towbars are constantly put through extreme stress and weather conditions

MetalShield™ensures that Hayman Reese Towbars are free from rust and corrosion after many years of use. No other aftermarket towbar brand can offer this level of protection and is another feature that sets Hayman Reese apart from the competition.



All Hayman Reese Towbars comes with a limited lifetime warranty and even with all these extra inclusions, Hayman Reese have maintained the same warranty procedure to ensure complete peace of mind. Visit http://haymanreese.com.au/warranty to view their warranty process.


Hayman Reese
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49 Pacific Drive, Keysborough, VIC, 3173