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SmartCheck™ Battery Monitor

May 15, 2014



Hayman Reese is launching the first wireless Battery Monitor designed to ensure the fail-safe operation of trailer Break Away batteries. Being launched at the NSW Caravan & Camping Super Show starting on the 26th of April 2014, SmartCheck™ provides visual and audible signals to the driver showing the battery powering the Break Away system is working correctly.


Break Away systems are designed to work alongside electric Brake Control units, and automatically apply the brakes on a caravan or trailer in the event it becomes unhitched from the towing vehicle. Mandatory on all caravans and trailers in Australia with a gross trailer mass of over two tonnes, some states such as NSW also require a battery monitor unit (like SmartCheck) be installed to ensure that the battery powering the system never fails. 


Jason Kieseker, Sales & Marketing Director at Hayman Reese’s parent company Cequent said: “SmartCheck is the first plug and play battery monitor available that does not require wiring from the battery to the display unit in the vehicle, making it extremely easy to install. As a legal requirement in some parts of Australia, SmartCheck is the ideal solution to monitor Break Away systems and other trailer or vehicle mounted batteries”.


As well as monitoring the battery on Break Away systems, SmartCheck can monitor up to three other batteries located on the vehicle, or on the caravan or trailer. These could include batteries powering fridges, freezers, and other appliances. 


Technical Information

SmartCheck works by wiring Battery Monitor Units to each battery it monitors (up to four). Once the Display Unit is connected to a 12 volt power supply and mounted near the driver, pressing the ‘Sync’ button on the Display Unit automatically ‘pairs’ each Battery Monitor Unit to the Display Unit. 


The Display Unit shows up-to four lights; one for each battery it is monitoring. A Green light indicates that the battery has sufficient charge and is working correctly. An Amber or Red light indicates insufficient or no charge, and is usually accompanied by an audible alert prompting the driver to check the battery. 


With a stylish, non-intrusive Display Unit, SmartCheck boasts a range of features including:

  • Wireless, plug and play connection
  • Ability to monitor up to four batteries. The Display Unit will remember paired devices and automatically re-connect on future journeys
  • Ability to quickly re-configure connections if the battery set-up has changed; such as when a different trailer or caravan is being towed
  • Audible warnings if the voltage of a battery drops to an unsafe level
  • Displays the status of the wireless connection between the Display Unit and the Battery Monitor Units
  • Dashboard or Cigarette Socket mounting options for the Display Unit





Hayman Reese
1800 812 017
49 Pacific Drive, Keysborough, VIC, 3173